Charlotte&Rewrite Compilation Album Released at KSL Live World 2016


KSL Live World 2016 has just ended a few days ago, and with it, the release of the KSL Live World 2016 Pamphlet. Of course, as is the norm with the KSL Live World pamphlets, this one came with a special remix CD with songs from both Charlotte and Rewrite, in celebration of the live event! The CD, entitled “Charlotte&Rewrite Compilation Album”, was produced by Shinji Orito and Tomohiro Takeshita, in cooperation with ARTIST CROWD, a Japanese music crowdsourcing platform. The tracklist is as follows:

1 Trigger -Pull The Trigger Remix- (Remixed by EniGmA)
2 発熱デイズ -EDMRock style- (Remixed by Kazanami Tooru)
3 Hervest -Strings-Rock Mix- (Remixed Yoshinobu Takeichi)
4 CANOE -Cello Chamber Version- (Remixed by Komitetsu)
5 楽園まで -Eros Trance Remix- (Remixed by Eros)
6 Rewrite -Eros Latin Remix- (Remixed by Eros)
7 Bravely You -ELECTROCK! Mix- (Remixed by Addpico)
8 灼け落ちない翼 -Happy Rock Ver.- (Remixed by UG)
9 Sleeping Forest -SI.V Ver.- (Remixed by SLV)
10 ささやかなはじまり -Orchestra Ver- (Remixed by Tsubasa Handa)

The pamphlet also came with a second disc, entitled “Radio Rewrite Monthly Terra - Kazamatsuri Academy Branch Office KSL2016VER.”, a special continuation of the Monthly Terra series of radio programs which ended 4 years ago in 2012.

After listening to the Charlotte&Rewrite Compilation Album, I gotta say, it has quite a lot of unique remixes, most of which are pretty good! Definitely worth checking out, if you have the chance; especially the Rewrite -Eros Latin Remix-. Have you guys heard it yet? What do you all think of these new remixes? Let us know in the comments section below!


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