Charlotte English Dub Announced!

We all knew it was coming sooner or later, but yesterday, Aniplex USA finally broke the news: we’re getting Charlotte in English! Above you can watch the original Charlotte trailer, dubbed in English and featuring the voices of all the main characters.

But that’s not all! Aniplex has also revealed information about the English Blu-ray releases of Charlotte. The official English website has been updated with the release info of the upcoming Blu-rays. There will be a total of 2 volumes, each costing a retail price of $74.98. The Blu-rays will be dual-audio, in Japanese and English, and will have two different languages for subtitles, English and Spanish.


The first volume will contain the first 7 episodes of the series, along with a special staff interview named “Beginning of a new ‘Destiny’”, a creditless version of the ending song (possibly Rakuen Made by How-Low-Hello), and some of the web previews of Charlotte as they were released during its airing. The second volume will contain episodes 8-13, along with the bonus OVA, a creditless opening and ending, the rest of the web previews, some bloopers from the English version, and the trailer you see above. Both volumes will have a cover designed by Na-Ga, with volumes 1 and 2 using the covers of the Japanese releases of volumes 1 and 6, respectively, collectible pin-up cards, and and a case cover, probably also similar to the digipaks in the Japanese release.

Volume 1 will be released on August 16, 2016, and Volume 2 will be released November 15, 2016. We haven’t found any websites that have these up for pre-order yet, but if you find any, make sure to let us know in the discussion section.


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