Charlotte English Blu-ray Vol 2 Released


Apologies for the delay, but don’t think we’ve forgotten about this one! Last week, on November 15, 2016, Aniplex USA just release Volume 2 of the English release of Charlotte, including subs, dubs, and all that you’d need for a complete localized experience of Charlotte.

This blu-ray release contains episodes 7-13 of Charlotte, along with the first ever official English release of the Charlotte OVA, “Strong People”. This release contains dual audio, English and Japanese, along with both English and Spanish subtitles. It also has other special extras, such as “bloopers” from the anime, trailers, creditless openings and endings, and collectible pin-up cards. With a box illustrated by Na-Ga himself, this is a pretty great addition to anyone’s Charlotte collection, especially when paired with Volume 1. You can pick it up from Rightstuf Anime for a retail price of $74.98.


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