Charlotte BD/DVD Volume 2 Released!


A bit of a delay but yesterday, October 28, 2015, marked the release of the second volume of the Charlotte Blu-ray and DVD release! Volume 2 contains episodes 3 and 4 of the series and, naturally, feature Yusa and Misa on the cover!


Volume 2 of the Blu-ray/DVD release contains more-or-less the same goods as Vol. 1, including the case, a digipak disc case, a scenario and storyboard book, and instead of a drama CD, Vol. 2 comes with a special DVD featuring clips of the making of Charlotte!


For those who still haven’t picked it up, it’s now being offered at CDJapan (BD/DVD) and Play-Asia (BD/DVD). Otherwise, feel free to discuss this release! What do you guys think of the release? And how’s the special making-of DVD? Let us know in the discussion below!


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