Charlotte Anime Bookclub Podcast Episode 2 - "Melody of Despair"

Here we are again with the second installment of the Charlotte Anime Bookclub Podcast! This episode we have Pepe, Bizkitdoh and joining us as a guest is SuikaShoujo here to share their thoughts of Charlotte Episode 2: “Melody of Despair”. I myself (Aspirety) was unable to join this episode as I am currently interstate, so I’ve entrusted the hosting and editing of this episode to the capable hands of Bizkitdoh. Be sure to let him know if you think he did a good job! We sincerely apologize for releasing this episode late, as it was due me being overseas and Bizkitdoh not having adequate time to edit the episode, but we’ve endeavored to release this episode as quick as possible, so we hope you’ll forgive us this once! It shouldn’t happen again. With all that out of the way, please enjoy the episode!

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