Charlotte Anime Bookclub Podcast Episode 1 - "I Think About Others"

Introducing the very first episode of the Charlotte Anime Bookclub Podcast! Here we have Aspirety, Pepe and Bizkitdoh here to share their thoughts of Charlotte Episode 1: “I Think About Others”. It’s been a week since the episode aired, so we’ve had plenty of time to discuss the game on the forum as a community to generate topics to bring up on the Podcast, such as the community reactions to Yuu and Ayumi’s characters. We haven’t received any community Fanart yet, but you can keep an eye on our Charlotte Fanart Topic in case any does arrive!

We also set out to make these Podcasts a lot more streamlined, and I believe we’ve delivered on that promise! You’ll see that this episode is under 30 minutes long but still covers substantial ground. It’s like we’re suddenly good at Podcasting or something! We’ve had to make some sacrifices, such as no music, no visuals (mp3 coming first), a pre-recorded intro for the first episode and less fine-tuning with the audio editing, but we still believe that the sacrifices are necessary to ensure that the episodes get published in a timely fashion, so you can listen to our Podcast before you head into the next episode of Charlotte, airing tomorrow! For some perspective, this took me 25 minutes to edit, as opposed to the usual 6+ hours it takes me. Let us know how the new format feels to you guys; we’re eager for your feedback and constructive criticism.

As always, you can subscribe to our xml feed here, or download an mp3 of the podcast here.

For more information about the Bookclub, including links to other episodes and relevant forum topics, check out our Charlotte Anime Bookclub Page.


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