Blu-ray Boxsets Announced for Little Busters! ~Refrain~ and EX


This will remind you that you have to recollect ‘Adolescence’.

Some people might have thought it had come to an end, but it seems that new Little Busters! goods will never stop. This summer, both the Little Busters! ~Refrain~ TV anime and the EX OVAs will be receiving special Blu-ray boxsets.

Both will come with the standard BD Box goodies: Audio commentaries, creditless OPs and EDs. Disks will come in a special case, the art for which has yet to be revealed. Full-color art books and post cards of the digipak art for the past, separate BD releases will also be included.

In addition, Key does always like to throw in some extra special (usually ecchi) bonuses as well, and they do not disappoint this time. If you purchased (or just happen to recall) the BD Boxes for the first season of Little Busters!, you’ll know that they came with bedsheets with anime-style art by Haruko Iizumi.

Once again, these boxsets will come with bedsheets; this time, however, the art will be done by Na-Ga and Itaru Hinoue themselves! You can check them out here (warning, they are slightly nsfw).

Refrain will go on sale July 27 for ¥24,000 and EX on August 24 for ¥20,000.

The Little Busters are eternal!


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