Bizkitdoh Appointed as's Secondary Writer


Bizkitdoh. Man, Myth, or God? Forever has our tad mischevious moderator been shrouded in enigma. But no longer. Today, we’re pulling back the curtain, and there’s no turning back.

…yeah, I can’t follow up on that lame intro. Bizkitdoh everybody! Moderator turned Writer! It took quite a few ordeals for me to realise that I can’t possibly cover all the Key news as it breaks while I’m asleep on the other side of the world, so it’s about time I employed the help of someone on the more populated side of the planet. I’ve given Bizkitdoh the authority and power to fill in for me whenever I’m away (or asleep). If news breaks and I’m not around to cover it, he’ll be my backup! Cool thing about this blog is that if you scroll to the bottom of any post, it’ll list the author. Right now you should be seeing my name, Aspirety! But if it’s a post by Biz, that’ll change to Bizkitdoh.

But just giving him access to the blog isn’t enough. I’ve also granted him access to the Facebook page, and the Twitter account, as both are pretty integral to getting our news and content out into the world. To reiterate, most of the time when you see tweeting or posting on Facebook, it’ll be me. Bizkitdoh will only be using the Twitter when he really needs to. For Facebook, he’ll be signing each of his posts with his name.

Bizkitdoh has done a lot of good work for the website since it’s launch, and I trust him with our name more than anyone. I hope he’ll earn your trust and support as well!

Hello! Biz typing here. Whether it be on Twitter, in Angel Beats threads or otherwise- You may have heard of me from time to time, and while I can’t say all of what you heard is true- It may very well be. You’ve seen the picture(s). I just wanted to say that I’m very grateful for Aspirety giving me the honor to partake in all these things. Helping to moderate our forums is a large responsibilty I’m thankful to be a part of, so I for sure couldn’t say any less for this! It’s an immense pleasure working as a part of this wonderful community and I’m excited to assist in keeping our news and social activity, well, active, when needed. ^^

Key da bes!
Kaza saikyou!
Angel Beats! SAIKOU!
See you around. <3


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