ATTENTION: Sekai Project invites you to participate in a survey regarding the localisation of Key Games and other Visual Novels


Important news guys! Sekai Project have just posted a link to a survey on social media asking followers for data on their buying preferences of Visual Novels, what companies’ games you’d like to see localised in the west, and more importantly to us, what Key games you would like to support localisation of through crowdfunding.
Why is this a big deal? Well, for a start it clearly demonstrates that Sekai Project is interested in localising Key’s other, more prominent titles, likely through crowdfunding. Angel Beats! was mentioned (which doesn’t even have a release date yet), which would imply that Key & Visual Art’s themselves likely had some input or have interest in the results of this survey. But very importantly, this is a search for interest. A pre-kickstarter, if you will. If enough people respond here and show what Key games they’re interested in, it could be instrumental in causing Key’s flagship games like Clannad, Little Busters! and Rewrite to be released in the west.

Here is your mission! Take this survey, answer honestly, and share it with others!

"Mission Start!"


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