Anime Rewrite Original SoundTrack announced

Rewrite Anime OST cover

For those who have been itching to listen to music featured in the Rewrite anime, check this one out! VisualArt’s/Key announced on their website the upcoming release of the Anime Rewrite Original SoundTrack album, featuring all the heroines on the cover art, as seen above.

This is the biggest album from Key yet, spanning four discs containing a total of 89 tracks! Instead of a compilation of anime-exclusive tracks (which was the case with Little Busters! Refrain Original Soundtrack), this will have every single track that was used in the anime. This should make it easier to look for music that you like in the show, without having to check every single album in the franchise.

The track list published on Key Sounds Label’s website includes music originally from the visual novel’s Rewrite Original Soundtrack, Harvest festa!’s Feast, and arrangement albums Dye Mixture, Branch, Crann mor, and Selene. The TV Size versions of all the series’ theme songs are also here!

The rest are tracks exclusive to the anime. Among these tracks is the most awaited Innocence Eye; the beautiful vocal arrangement of Kagari’s theme sung by Runa Mizutani which was used as the insert song in Episode 15. Originally composed by Maiko Iuchi, this song is arranged by Donmaru, and the lyrics are written by Ryou Mizutsuki.

Other anime-exclusive tracks mentioned are Bloom, Repress, 夢 (Yume), 青枯病 (Aogarebyou), Species, Record, Scar, アネモネ (Anemone), Liberation, Sinner, in the pocket, and Wedge. As for which among the anime-exclusive tracks these titles refer to, we can only guess for now.

Anime Rewrite Original SoundTrack will be released in Japan on June 28, 2017, bearing the catalogue numbers KSLA-0136~0139. It will also be available on Amazon and CDJapan. If you’re planning to grab a copy, or have guesses on which anime-exclusive tracks the titles mentioned earlier refer to, do leave a post in the discussion below!