[APRIL FOOLS] Angel Beats Season 2 Announced!!


That’s right, a second season of Angel Beats has been announced today by Dengeki G’s! The new story follows Kanade Tenshi in her new life after reincarnation. She’ll be joined by a new cast of characters as they explore the island of Torishirojima in search of a revolutionary treasure.


VisualArt’s YouTube channel have treated us to a preview of the series in this video here, featuring Kanade and her new friends. Did you manage to catch Takamatsu at 01:59? Here’s hoping other Angel Beats characters turn up too!

The anime is being produced by the newly founded Bibury Animation Studio, under the direction of Rewrite’s Tensho! That means we can expect animation work by Masayuki Nonaka, who as we’ve seen from the series is a very talented animator known for his moe sakugas.


You can catch the premiere of Angel Beats Season 2 on the 29th of June 2018!


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