[April Fools] Angel Beats Season 2 Announced!

Irie Sekine

That’s right guys! Confirmed earlier this week at Anime Japan, a second season of Angel Beats is on the way!

Many fans had begun giving up hope of any new Angel Beats content surfacing since the series ended in 2010, but in recent months rumours had begun spreading across the internet that a new Angel Beats Anime Project was on the way, and it turns out they were right on the mark! Angel Beats is still kicking!

The new anime series is set to focus on Girls Dead Monster, with lots more development for fan favorites Irie and Sekine and further exploration of the relationship between Otonashi and Iwasawa. The staff at P.A. Works have expressed that they have learned from their errors producing the first season and promise to deliver a more emotionally gripping tale than ever before. Jun Maeda had this to say about the new series:

“I’ve been putting my heart and soul into researching for the new series. I hope you’ll look forward to the climactic moment where Hisako is finally defeated in Mahjong.”

The new series is slated to begin broadcast in Summer 2017. Spread the news! Angel Beats is back! Be sure to let us know what you think in the discussion below!

UPDATE: A Saito character has also been confirmed!


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