Angel Beats -1st beat-'s First Press Limited Edition Contents Revealed!


Key has recently revealed on their website the contents of the first press limited edition version of Angel Beats -1st Beat-, to be released on May 29, 2015. Here’s what you’ll be getting in the package:

  • Angel Beats! -1st beat- game

  • Angel Beats! Piano Arrange Album

  • Angel Beats! SSS Radio (Special Version)

  • SSS Rubber Coaster

  • Weiβ Schwarz and ChaosTCG Promo Cards

  • 3 cards for the Angel Beats! Operation Wars Mobile Game

  • SSS Activity Log booklet

It’s worth mentioning that these items are what come inside the box of every first press limited edition copy of the game. Million Star and the special Kanade illustration are pre-order bonuses that can only be obtained if you pre-order the game. More info on the contents of the game and other pre-order bonuses at:



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