Angel Beats! 1st Beat Delayed Indefinitely?


It’s become a bit of a tradition for Key to make big announcements on April 1st of each year. For example, in 2011, Key released the second, animated opening for Rewrite, falsely claiming it was for an Anime adaptation. Key likes to play with us at this time of year, mixing in real announcements with pranks.

This year, they announced a legitimate crowdfunded project, and that the upcoming Angel Beats! 1st Beat would be delayed until an unspecified time. The announcement was made by Takahiro Baba on Twitter:

What do we make of this? It’s been 4 days since then, and Baba has yet to come out and declare that it was all a joke. At this point in time, it seems to be apparent that he wasn’t lying, and that Angel Beats! 1st Beat really has been delayed.

I could be proven wrong in a few hours; time will tell whether this is an elaborate prank or not. But if it’s true, then we can only imagine why the development of this long-awaited Visual Novel has reached a sudden halt. What are your thoughts about the situation? Let us know on the forums. If there are any new developments on the situation, I’ll be sure to post about it.


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