VisualArt's Summer Sale 2015 - Information and Goods


While this may be old news to some, we’d like to spread awareness of an upcoming event, to be held by VisualArt’s: VA Koubaibu 2015 -summer-, otherwise known as the VisualArt’s Summer Sale 2015 at Gamers Akihabara! They held a similar event last year, which we were able to cover here at, so you might have an idea as to what this event is all about already. But for those not yet in the know, it’s basically a large sale chock-full of VisualArt’s goodies, most of them, naturally, being Key-related merchandise.

The sale will be held from August 1, 2015 up to August 31, 2015, at the 5th floor of Gamers in Akihabara. Just a short walk away from Akihabara station in Tokyo, Gamers has been known to be one of VisualArt’s most frequent partners when it comes to merchandise sales, often being one of the first to offer pre-order bonuses for many of Key’s games.

So, what can you expect at the sale? Well, pretty much everything! From Key-designed mugs, to T-shirts, Keychains, Towels, Tapestries, and the like. Naturally, this also includes media such as their games, manga, and music! Some brand-new, summer-related goods have also been announced, the first of which are microfiber towels of characters from Key’s current media: Minase Tenma and Abeno Haruka from Holy Breaker!, Yui from Angel Beats!, and Yusa Nishimori from Charlotte.


Also featured are last year’s summer sale design towels of Yuri, Kanade and Masami from Angel Beats!

A second new item to be sold is a pin badge containing the logo of Angel Beats! -1st beat-. A few more goods have also been announced, some of which were sold in Key’s previous events, such as the luxury binding edition of Na-Ga’s rindou.

We hope that anybody planning to visit, or currently staying in Japan will check out this summer sale! We’re sure that you will not be disappointed by the sheer amount of Key-related goods that you will find there, and hope that you will have your wallets prepared!

More information on their official event page at: (slightly NSFW, due to previews of dakimakura covers)


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