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The K.E.Y.

  • Kazamatsuri seeking donations for The K.E.Y.

    Art by Ekalina Over on the Kazoku Collective Patreon, we just posted an appeal to current and potential patrons. Basically, with The K.E.Y. well on its way, we've come to realise that if we had more money than we currently do, we could make the project much better than it currently is. Anyway, I'll let the post speak for itself below and you can see what you think.…

    6 months ago

  • The K.E.Y. Giveaway: Share and win Tomoyo After!

    Art by BlackHayate02 Congratulations Kazamatsuri! After 2 years of support from Key fans around the world, we have finally reached 2000 likes on Facebook! This is a huge milestone, and we think a giveaway in commemoration of this achievement is in order! The K.E.Y., our community-made fanbook, has been receiving a steady stream of creative work and text content contributions since we announced it a month ago. But…

    7 months ago

  • Introducing The K.E.Y. ~ Key Enthusiast Yearbook

    First, some backstory. Back in 2012, some of you may remember there was an initiative to unite the passion of an international community of Key fans to communicate our love to Key themselves. Fans from all over the world were invited to contribute by submitting fanart and letters to Key, which were to be compiled into a book and delivered to Key themselves. It was called the Key15th Anniversary Letter…

    8 months ago
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