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April Fools

  • APRIL FOOLS: Angel Beats! Season 2 Confirmed!

    Yes. You didn't read that wrong. After many years of want with no new content in the Angel Beats! universe, the fans can finally get more of that wonderful Yui-nyan they so desire. Ignored no longer, tried and true fans of this magnificent series are set to be blessed with another dose of magical Key feels! Key has taken into consideration many things that they learned from the production of…

    a year ago

  • APRIL FOOLS: Kud Wafter Anime Confirmed!

    What else is there to say? It's all in the title. After 6 years, Key's most anticipated anime ever is coming to fruition. And if you thought that the very existence of this would be the best part, then wait until you hear who's animating it: Kyoto Animation has returned to claim their title as the King of Key Anime. Apparently, fans complained so much about J.C. Staff's production…

    a year ago

  • APRIL FOOLS: 6 Charlotte GIFs that totally speak to us

    Any fans of Charlotte out there? Well here's some GIFs from the series that we can't help but relate to! Charlotte was able to connect people around the world, and we're sure these Charlotte GIFs will connect with you, too! 1. When life gets you down and you need a breather 2. When your bro suddenly flips shit 3. When your bro's had one too many 4. When, sometimes, you…

    a year ago
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