Official English Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door Volume 1 Now Available for Purchase!


The time has finally come.

Angel Beats!: Heaven’s Door Volume 1 has just recently (February 9th) hit the shelves once more in brick & mortar and warehouses alike, only this time completely in English!

Brought to English Key fans by Seven Seas Entertainment- Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door brings a whole new perspective to the story of Angel Beats!, detailing the events prior to the Anime and teasing information for the fully fleshed out Visual Novel. If you felt like something was missing from the Angel Beats! experience you understand, then look no further.

Coming in at around 13 US dollars (various sales are going on now for a bit less!), fans and newcomers can grab their own copy of this extended story from various retailers around the web or otherwise. Some places include Amazon, Barnes and Noble or the Book Depository.

From looking at the future releases on the sites, it appears that volumes 2, 3 and 4 will be coming out May 17th, September 6th, and then December 6th, respectively- About 4 volumes a year. The Japanese version looks to be nearing its 10th volume this Spring, and is still steadily releasing chapters as the months go by. It’s exciting to see that this manga series still has so much more to offer!

Look forward to more forum discussion about this neat manga series very soon if you decide to go pick it up!


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