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  • VisualArts Goods for Comic Market 91 Revealed!

    December 29, 2016 marks a joyous event for anime fans in Japan and across the world: the 2016 Winter Comic Market, AKA Comiket 91! And with this being winter comiket, that means one thing for us Key fans. That's right, VisualArt's has a booth, with a whole lot of goods in store for us! You can check out a full list of their goods on the official website or keep…

    2 days ago

  • Charlotte English Blu-ray Vol 2 Released

    Apologies for the delay, but don't think we've forgotten about this one! Last week, on November 15, 2016, Aniplex USA just release Volume 2 of the English release of Charlotte, including subs, dubs, and all that you'd need for a complete localized experience of Charlotte. This blu-ray release contains episodes 7-13 of Charlotte, along with the first ever official English release of the Charlotte OVA, "Strong People". This release contains…

    7 days ago

  • Chihaya and Lucia Become Idols in Key's New Mini-VN

    You heard that right! If you all remember the news we had some time ago, Key has been planning a small little addition to volume 4 of the Rewrite anime Blu-ray/DVD, releasing in December 21: a mini-game written by Ryukishi07 himself. Well information has finally been revealed and Lucia and Chihaya are about to get idolized! In a guest article on AkibaBlog (link NSFW) written by Kai himself, he…

    24 days ago

  • Relive the Beautiful Twinkling of Eternity with the Planetarian ~Hoshi no Hito~ Movie, Out Soon on Blu-ray

    Released a few months ago at cinemas all across Japan was the planetarian ~Hoshi no Hito~ movie, a sequel of the visual novel we all know and love, and its web anime adaptation, planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~. It was a bit unfortunate, however, that this screening was limited to people who could, well, be physically in Japan. But worry no longer, as it has been formally announced that a…

    a month ago

  • Harmonia Theme Songs and Trading Cards Now on Steam!

    Key has done it again, folks! As they had done with Tomoyo After just a few weeks ago, Key has announced an update for Harmonia, allowing users to obtain both trading cards for the game, and the main themes of Harmonia as a DLC! The main themes; namely, Towa no Hoshi e, an insert song, and Todoketai Melody, the ending song; were released exclusively at Key 15th fes, which made…

    a month ago

  • Rewrite Vol. 1 and planetarian Blu-Rays Released

    Last September 28, 2016 saw the first home release of Key's latest foray into anime: the blu-ray/DVD release of the first volume of the Rewrite anime adaptation, and a blu-ray only release for the entire planetarian ~chiisana hoshi no yume~ anime adaptation. Releasing both of these at the same time was a pretty good marketing strategy, as it was a buy that many Key fans would have a hard…

    2 months ago

  • Kazamatsuri Visits Tokyo Game Show! Featuring CLANNAD English for PS Vita and Rewrite for PS4

    This weekend was the start of the biggest game expo in Japan, and one of the biggest in the world: Tokyo Game Show! And Kazamatsuri was there, too, as a full-fledged press representative! I first headed to register for a press pass, and got it without a hitch! Pretty cool to know that Kazamatsuri is eligible for a press pass in an event like this. You may be asking, however,…

    3 months ago

  • Big Update for Tomoyo After on Steam: Trading Cards and OST!

    In a surprise post by VisualArt's on their Facebook page earlier, an update for Tomoyo After on Steam has been announced, and it's a pretty big one! First up, we have Steam trading cards for the game! Despite this being Key's third release on Steam, this is the first time trading cards have been made available for one of their games. And with trading cards comes all the benefits of…

    3 months ago

  • CLANNAD is Coming to the PS Vita.... In English!

    It's September, and in a few weeks, the biggest video game expo in Japan, Tokyo Game Show, is slated to begin. Early yesterday, Prototype, well-known for developing console versions of most of Key's visual novels, unveiled their own special website for TGS. While it has many of their known current releases (including soon-to-be-released AIR PS Vita port), the last item on their lineup proves to be the most interesting for…

    3 months ago

  • planetarian ~Hoshi no Hito~ Premieres Today

    Today, September 3, marks the premiere date of the long-awaited planetarian ~Hoshi no Hito~ film. This a full feature-length film shown in theaters across Japan! It's been a while since Key's last feature-length film, what with the CLANNAD movie back in 2007, but they're back, and better than ever! If you ever find yourself in Japan anytime this month, you can catch it on select local cinemas, a list of…

    3 months ago

  • "Farewell,ours" Released as Summer Ends

    As promised at the beginning of this long summer, Yuto Tonokawa and Itaru Hinoue are ending this season with the release of their awaited new light novel: Farewell,ours ~Natsu no Bokura wa Mabataki mo Dekinai Basho e~. Released on August 30, 2016, this light novel is Yuto Tonokawa's first foray outside of visual novels, and the art provided by Hinoue adds for a familiar flair for us Key fans,…

    3 months ago

  • Charlotte English Blu-ray Vol 1 Released

    A bit late, but we're still on it! Last August 16, Aniplex USA has officially released the first volume of the Charlotte Blu-rays for English markets! As announced earlier, this Blu-ray contains episodes 1-7 of the Charlotte anime, along with collectible pin-up cards, and a box illustrated by Na-Ga. It also has the first ever English-dubbed releases of Charlotte! So if you're interested in hearing those, or simply want to…

    3 months ago
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