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  • Recording of Maeda's New Original Album Has Commenced!

    You may or may not be surprised to hear many a Jun Maeda fan express their opinion that his greatest works are found in his musical writing: Production, compositions and lyrics. Having worked on two very deep concept albums, Love Song (2005) and Owari no Hoshi no Love Song (2012), Maeda has been teasing his newest album venture on Key Sounds Label via Twitter. This new album, yet to be…

    23 days ago

  • Angel Beats! Heaven's Door Final Chapter Released, New Project Teased

    All good things must come to an end. With Angel Beats! Heaven's Door completing what it set out to do, this prequel story has seen its last chapter released on the 28th of October in the December issue of Dengeki Comic, with the final manga volume most likely on its way. But every end marks a new beginning. Photo by our very own RyuuTamotsu who picked up a copy of…

    3 months ago

  • Angel Beats! Heaven's Door Volume 10 Coming Soon

    Spring has arrived, and with it comes exciting news for the Japanese savvy Angel Beats! fans and those lying in wait for the eventual localization- The Angel Beats! Heaven's Door manga will be having its 10th volume released in Japan this 27th of April. In case you missed it, Seven Seas' official localization of this manga started rolling out this February, with the second volume still set to hit shelves…

    9 months ago

  • APRIL FOOLS: Angel Beats! Season 2 Confirmed!

    Yes. You didn't read that wrong. After many years of want with no new content in the Angel Beats! universe, the fans can finally get more of that wonderful Yui-nyan they so desire. Ignored no longer, tried and true fans of this magnificent series are set to be blessed with another dose of magical Key feels! Key has taken into consideration many things that they learned from the production of…

    10 months ago

  • Official English Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door Volume 1 Now Available for Purchase!

    The time has finally come. Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door Volume 1 has just recently (February 9th) hit the shelves once more in brick & mortar and warehouses alike, only this time completely in English! Brought to English Key fans by Seven Seas Entertainment- Angel Beats! Heaven's Door brings a whole new perspective to the story of Angel Beats!, detailing the events prior to the Anime and teasing information for the…

    a year ago

  • Angel Beats! -1st beat- Perfect Visual Book Announced!

    VisualArt's/Key has announced that, for 2300 yen, the new Perfect Visual Book for Angel Beats! -1st beat- can be yours! While most certainly containing illustrations and sketches- the Perfect Visual Book will also hold some other things that may interest you. These other things include but are not limited to staff interviews, some bits and pieces on of the story of Angel Beats!- as well what appears to…

    a year ago

  • Hibiki's Magic Released Digitally by Viz Media!

    Hold on to your Gusks, because it's Hibiki news out of nowhere time! ... Alright, while perhaps not exactly out of nowhere, an interesting bit of news for those interested in Jun Maeda's original manga work who haven't been able to read it as of yet has come up! While originally localized and printed by TokyoPop, Hibiki's Magic has been easy for some to pick up and quite a challenge to…

    a year ago

  • Charlotte BD/DVD Volume 1 Released!

    Today, September 23rd, 2015, the first volume of Charlotte's Bluray and DVD releases hit the shelves in Japan. Items that came with the release (and details of the limited edition copies) were covered in an earlier article, but now you can get a good look at them! An important note is that these copies will not include English subtitles, so be wary unless you're sharp on your Japanese, plan to…

    a year ago

  • Angel Beats! Heaven's Door Volume 9 Released

    Reporting in a bit late, but last month (August 27th, 2015), another new issue of Heaven's Door and the next canonical part of the Angel Beats! story was released. Despite the release of the first part of the Angel Beats! Visual Novel, the series still has a gap of content between it and the Manga that Heaven's Door continues to fill in. While the manga is in Japanese still and…

    a year ago

  • Angel Beats! Heaven's Door Manga Licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment

    5 years coming and just a week after the long awaited release of the Visual Novel's first volume- Angel Beats! Heaven's Door has been officially licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment and is due for its first release in North America on February 9th, 2016. Written by Jun Maeda and illustrated by Asami Yuriko, Heaven's Door, known for being a large player in hyping up the VN, is a prequel to…

    2 years ago

  • CLANNAD Production Update #2 from Sekai Project

    Big news, everyone! Yui, Sekai Project's CLANNAD Project Lead, has cooked up another production update for followers of the localization that we're ecstatic to share with you! As of May 29th, 2015, the CLANNAD Official English Releases' progress sits at a whopping 75% translated, with editing still following closely behind that percentage. Further details note that the Kotomi route has finished its second translation and editing pass and is ready…

    2 years ago

  • Angel Beats! -1st beat- Release Date Pushed Back One Month

    A sad truth indeed, but it's best to think about the importance of a smooth release. The first volume of the Angel Beats! visual novel has recieved yet another delay, however it's nowhere near as daunting as the previous indefinite delay that ended up being a year long. The original release date of May 29th, 2015 has been changed to June 26th, 2015. Earlier today, members began noticing with AmiAmi,…

    2 years ago
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