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  • Rewrite 2nd Season has premiered in Japan and Internationally!

    The wait is over, and the conclusion to the Rewrite anime has finally begun it's debut. Premiering Saturday the 14th of January 2017, the new season will run for 11 episodes with a new episode each Saturday. Rewrite 2nd Season is to conclude the series by covering the events of Moon and Terra, with references to other story arcs as well. English-speaking fans can catch the series on Crunchyroll and…

    4 days ago

  • Introducing the Love Song Bookclub. Spread the word to win the physical albums!

    It's been a while since the Harmonia Bookclub, but while we wait for Little Busters! to release, we've decided to host another Bookclub in the meantime! Introducing the Love Song Bookclub. This time, instead of analysing a visual novel or anime, we're analysing music albums! Specifically, Love Song and it's successor Owari no Hoshi no Love Song. Both of these albums were composed by Jun Maeda, and together weave a…

    7 days ago

  • Summer Pockets Rough Note - English Translation

    Hungry for more Summer Pockets details? Then read on, because the wonderful Khsellhu has prepared for us a complete English translation of the Summer Pockets Rough Note booklet that was included in the Comiket 91 Key Set! It includes profiles the four main heroines. We'll be providing images of the booklet below, and translating all the text within. Thanks also to RyuuTamotsu for providing the scans and Yerian for editing…

    11 days ago

  • Little Busters! Steam Release is being finalised by Prototype. Planned to release in Spring.

    More news from Baba's start of 2017 blog states the Little Busters! Steam release is currently being finalised by Prototype, developer of the console ports of Key's games. What could this mean? Well, we at Kazamatsuri pretty damn sure that this means that Little Busters! will indeed be receiving the same HD treatment that CLANNAD got, meaning that it won't be restricted to the 800x600 resolution that the original game…

    13 days ago

  • KSL Live World 2016 ~the Animation Charlotte&Rewrite is coming to video!

    More news from Baba's start of 2017 blog! A new KSL Live World event is being planned for 2017, but in the meantime, a Blu-Ray and DVD release of the 2016 concert has been announced! It's been six years since KSL Live World was last released on video, and I'm super excited to see it return! This should be welcome news to all of us living outside of Japan who…

    13 days ago

  • Key's games are being translated into new languages!

    From Baba's start of 2017 blog comes the news that Key are bringing their Steam games into different languages! In particular, CLANNAD and planetarian are going to be translated into Chinese, with planetarian also receiving a German translation! This is great news because it means that Key are finally branching out to other languages outside of Japanese and English, spreading across the world in the truest sense possible. On the…

    13 days ago

  • A Kud Wafter Anime is being planned. No, really.

    Yeah, we're not sure how to react either. Today, president of VisualArt's Baba Takahiro wrote a start-of-the-year blog outlining VisualArt's plans for 2017. In the blog, he mentions that VisualArt's are in the process of planning to assist in the development of more and more anime series. In particular, the plan they've progressed the furthest with is for an anime adaptation of Kud Wafter. Supposedly planning began last year and…

    13 days ago

  • The Kazamatsuri Awards 2014-2016

    With the end of 2016 comes the time to announce the winners of our very first Kazamatsuri Awards! Your nominations have been processed, your votes have been tallied, and we're proud to announce the winners of each category, plus some other notable mentions. Voting was tallied across two topics: The general Voting topic and the Busters-exclusive topic. When there's a disparity between the results of the two groups, we will…

    16 days ago

  • Rewrite 2nd Season Promotional Video Released

    In preparation for its debut on the 14th of January, Aniplex have published a full-length promotional video of the first episode of Rewrite 2nd Season! There's some spoilers in there, but without context it probably won't make a lot of sense, so proceed however you desire. Give it a watch below, and let us know what you think in the discussion below! As always, thanks to ECsquall for providing the…

    20 days ago

  • Rewrite IgnisMemoria Social RPG Announced!

    The countdown has concluded, and the new Rewrite project has been revealed as the Social RPG "Rewrite IgnisMemoria"! The official website has been updated with heaps of details and a promotional video. The game will be releasing on Android and iOS, and features the cast of Rewrite battling together against hoards of enemies using a variety of skills in a turn-based RPG format. Players can compose their team of any…

    a month ago

  • Rewrite 2nd Season Promotional Art & CM

    With Rewrite 2nd Season only a month away, VisualArt's has started rolling out the promotions! A new promotional art featured above depicts the cast in the events of the Moon arc, which is expected to span the first half of the 2nd Season, with the Terra arc comprising the latter half. A 15-second commercial featuring footage from the first episode of 2nd Season was also released, which you can check…

    a month ago

  • Opinion: Everyone calm down, there's no new CLANNAD project.

    Seems like half the internet is having heart palpitations after the "announcement" that a new CLANNAD project is scheduled to be announced at Anime Japan 2017. The source of the news cited is the Anime Japan list of traders, which features CLANNAD as one of the booths. If I may offer my humble opinion, these rumors are completely unfounded, and everyone is getting caught up in a wave of hype…

    a month ago
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